A Story of Success

When a shy and quiet fifth grader joined Destiny’s Daughters of Promise (DDP), she had no idea the impact it would have on her life for years to come. Since becoming a participant in DDP’s programming, this young woman is now a high school senior, heading toward graduation in the spring and college in the fall. Thanks to the Generation of Aspiring Leaders Program (G.O.A.L.’s) and Next Generation Leaders program (NX Gen) programs with DDP, she has confidence speaking in front of crowds, has adapted and implemented independent learning skills and is excited to set and meet her future goals. She has found the voice she needs to become a success in her future.

A majority of individuals surveyed recently by Public Agenda expressed worry that American society does not offer enough constructive activities or meaningful roles to its young people, and 60% said they viewed after-school programs as an effective way to help young people.

DDP’s program is specific to the enrichment and development of middle and high school girls. We teach vital life skills to foster personal growth and development. The services provided enhance leadership development, strong interpersonal skills and basic life skills. Students are prepared for transition into healthy and independent adults.