Meet Our CEO

Lorraine ThomasLorraine E. Thomas, M.Ed., is a professional speaker, author and workshop facilitator. As CEO and founder of Destiny’s Daughters of Promise, she serves as a mentor, trainer and coach to help teens discover their purpose and develop the necessary skills that will prepare them for college and careers. Drawing on her strong Christian faith that gave her a servant’s heart, she responded to what she describes as “God’s call” to address the need in public schools to provide additional leadership and life skills to middle and high school girls. With a Master’s Degree in Education and a long-time educator at the elementary school level, instructional coach, and facilitator of educational administrative leadership skills, Lorraine had unique insight into what public schools could and could not provide for students. She shared her passion with a network of like-minded individuals who shared her passion and in the fall of 2007, they created a Board of Directors.

Lorraine has nearly 20 years of experience speaking to diverse audiences at conferences, retreats, schools and other community organizations. A down-to-earth and memorable speaker, she builds on her experience as an Instructional Coach to conduct training and workshop sessions for adults and teens. She is zealous about helping young women reach their full potential, build resilience and make healthy choices. Lorraine is a leader in advocating for youth engagement in civil society and the processes that shape their futures. She is a firm believer that youth participation in community service prepares them to become contributing members of society.

In addition to her passion for youth success, Lorraine also provides coaching, leadership and personal development programs for women. Lorraine has been featured in news articles, magazines and on TV and radio interviews. She resides in the Metro Atlanta area with her husband, Charles, with whom she has shared her passions and successes for nearly 30 years.