DDP Has Opened Many Doors for Me

My name is Irnes. I am now a senior at North Cobb High School. I can’t believe that my high school years have just passed right by. But, I can say that I have accomplished a lot throughout the past several years.
My freshman year I joined DDP. I remember the first meeting. I was really shy and didn’t speak much to anyone unless I was spoken to. I didn’t know anybody and this was all new to me. After a couple of the meetings, I got comfortable with the other girls. Then, over 3 years in the program, I’m the person I am today.
I improved on my public speaking. I am an outgoing person, and I am no longer in my shell I was in for so long. Destiny’s Daughters of Promise really has opened up many doors for me. If it wasn’t for the program, I wouldn’t have met the Mayor of Kennesaw or the Mayor of Acworth. I wouldn’t be working side by side with the Chief of Kennesaw on the Youth Advisory Board. In addition, I serve on DDP’s board of directors as a junior board member and I volunteer my time to assist at various events.  I wouldn’t have discovered the many talents I have to share with the world, and to continue on with my future.
DDP really lives by their motto and mantra. I grew up to believe that I am a true leader, and I was created for a purpose. I do love myself as I am. I have gotten this far, and walked through new open doors because of this program. I discovered more of me than I knew before.
I can’t thank Mrs. Thomas and the team for all the support. Thank you.