First Graduate Highlight: Karima Kallon

Karima Kallon is the first youth leader to graduate from DDP’s Generation of Aspiring Leaders program in 2008. She is currently studying at John Hopkins University majoring in Neuroscience. Find out how DDP played a significant role in her growth into the young women she is today.

“I learned how to advocate for myself because no one else would do it for me – how to make myself heard and further my own goals. But I also learned how to find people to advocate for me, to build relationships with the adults around me who care about my success and want me to reach my goals. And within DDP, I found a lifetime worth of those people from the women who help made this program a success and the various people in the community who want our girls to do great.


DDP taught me to aim high and then set my sights beyond that, and I will forever be grateful for the lessons and opportunities that made me who I am today.”


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