Destiny’s Daughters of Promise is a Georgia-based, nonprofit organization with a mission to provide a safe environment where teen girls can come and learn strategies to become confident leaders and contributing members of society. We offer services that promote leadership development, strong interpersonal skills, financial literacy, healthy relationships, community involvement and basic life skills. Program activities are designed to prepare teen girls for transition into healthy and independent adults. We aim to prepare teens for college, careers and to serve in the community.

In 2007, the organization began as the vision of Lorraine E. Thomas. With a Master’s Degree in Education and a long-time educator, Lorraine responded to a vision to address the inability of public schools to provide additional leadership and basic life skills to teen girls, as the schools were already much overburdened. She had a vision to serve girls with leadership potential, but were at risk of being overlooked by either the school or other community services, increasing the unfortunate likelihood of growing into troubled adults. Lorraine turned to her network of like-minded individuals to create a Board of Directors. The first meeting in October 2007, consisted of teachers, business professionals, friends, and family members, all with the same passion to see Lorraine’s idea come to life. They spent the next 10 months working on the fundamentals needed to make the program a success: identifying a clear vision, program goals and structure of the organization.

The first workshop session was held at Barber Middle School in August of 2008. Today, the organization is advancing the philosophy and practice of learning in order to nurture and prepare young minds for today’s diverse and ever-changing world. As a result, teen girls are being prepared for college, meaningful careers and to serve in the community. The greatest strength of the program is that girls receive training, adult guidance and leadership development on a weekly basis during the school year. They also learn how to give back to their communities by participating in relevant service projects. Program leaders committed to providing programs and opportunities for teen girls that would help them excel in leadership, community involvement, education, and personal growth and development.

The services are provided to middle and high school girls. This age group is particularly vulnerable and are most in need of the services offered. Participants are referred by teachers, counselors and school administrators.

The greatest strength of the program is that teen girls from all walks of life are positively contributing to their schools and communities.