2018 G2WS Speakers




Tracye Hutchins is a CBS46 News Anchor. She joined CBS46 in the spring of 2007 to co-host the morning show. She worked for 6 and a half years on the show covering breaking news, events in the community and interviewing celebrities until she transitioned to evenings in the fall of 2013. Prior to arriving in Atlanta, Tracye worked for the CBS affiliate KFMB in San Diego, California.

But that was only after spending 4 years in Atlanta working at CNN Headline News covering world news events, daily health stories, and entertainment features. Tracye was live on the air during major breaking news stories including the break-up of the Columbia space shuttle over Texas and the capture of ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. She has spent the last 20 years covering the news across the country.





Patrina King is the Founder and CEO of Golf Women Mean Business, a Youth Advocate, and a Human Resources Professional. In the field of human resources, her forte is background checks, recruiting and employer unemployment claims. Patrina’s excellence in business goes hand in hand with her fondness for philanthropy and charitable causes. She used her knowledge from her business to educate youth and young adults on how their actions (sexting, online social media, school fights, drug and alcohol use, theft, etc.) will affect future jobs and college applications.

Patrina is a current member of the Women’s Solidarity Society, a society within The National Center for Civil and Human Rights and the National Coalition of 100 Black Women Inc. With her interest in women’s rights, Patrina has developed a great passion for educating professional women on how to use golf for business. Today, her life and career reflect that passion with informative and down-to-earth training through Golf Women Mean Business. Patrina has been featured on various television and blog talk radio shows.



Frank “Ward” Irvin is a Financial Associate for Thrivent Financial, a Christian member-owned company, Ward helps clients address critical financial issues – IRAs, Roth accounts, how to fund college, leaving a legacy, protection of income, retirement strategies, avoiding identity theft, and many other areas. He understands first hand, the financial, emotional, and spiritual issues faced by adults in today’s society. He has struggled with the challenges and costs of raising children. His new financial challenge ‑  funding 30+ years of retirement. 

Ward has lived in the Atlanta area since 1972. He and his wife Susan raised four children, all graduates of Wheeler High School. They have been blessed with 13 grandchildren. Mr. Irvin earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Duke University; his Masters of Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology.





Sonia Booker is a 20-year entrepreneur with a passion to equip everyday people with the blueprint to build wealth, “one dollar at a time,” is her unique and distinct brand.  It has resonated with the public and inspired a wealth building movement centered not just on building a better life, but a building a lasting legacy.

Sonia is the author of “Real Estate and Wealth: Investing in the American Dream.”  This bestseller is a simple, step-by-step guide to purchasing real estate as a form of wealth building. She’s the Managing Partner of RSG Capital Group which oversees a Venture Capital Fund as well as a real estate crowdfunding platform that invests in rebuilding communities in Atlanta and throughout the world. She holds a Business Administration Degree from The University of Southern MS and an M.B.A from the University of Dallas.