G2W Conference Highlights

Take a look and be inspired by the many speakers and experts who have been a part of the Girls 2 Women Leadership Conference.


— “Loved it! Keep growing bigger and bigger DDP!”

— “This was my first symposium and I had a great time. Just keep doing what you’re doing.”

— “Excellent opportunity for women to lead by example to young ladies allowing for discussions and conversation.”

— “This event was awesome! I am so glad I came and participated as a mentor!”

— “Thank you for teaching me how to be a very good leader and that I have a royalty role in my life. I also learned that I’m self-confident and respected by others.”

— “Really focused on the girls. I Can see the impact you all have because of the girls and you have done it is such a short period of time.”

— “Glad you touch on these topics [such as weight and health] especially with young girls.”

2017 Memorable Moments 



2016 Memorable Moments 

DDP Keynote Speakers