Our Impact

Why Girls? When we save a girl, we save a generation

Because teen girls face a variety of stressors that put them at risk for serious issues including low self-esteem, substance abuse, eating disorders, anxiety and depression they are often unable to find effective coping strategies. The consequences of inappropriate behavior may lead to delinquency, teen pregnancy, truancy or expulsion.

Neglecting Girls Will Cost Us Billions

Teen childbearing in America cost taxpayers $9.4 billion in 2010, according to the statistics by The National Campaign. Every taxpayer in the nation should be excited by the prospects of lowering that number. By investing in the potential of teen girls now, through education and basic life skills, these issues may be avoided and the cycle of poverty can be broken.

The Impact

There are measurable positive outcomes from the DDP program. Teachers have seen improvements in participants’ grades, student responsibility, and class participation.

A professional consultant/evaluator, Patryce Curtis, M.S., submitted this data for 2012-2013:
There was an increase in the number of 6th and 7th grade students who received an A grade point average from 30% to 50%.

Over 60% of teachers indicated that the level of self-confidence among participants had improved, while over 80% of teachers indicated that the participants’ behavior had improved.

The girls gave themselves gave 100% ratings indicating that they felt more confident and over 80% of the girls self-reported that their behavior had improved.

Here are additional examples of the benefits to the girls, the adult leaders and the community:
DDP girls commit to a minimum of 15 hours of community service each year. In 2014, they donated over 400 hours in community service.

What the students are saying

Karima registered for the program in 2008 during its inception. She is set to enter college in the fall of 2015. She commented about the program:

“DDP has helped me become more confident and outspoken about what I want. I’m not afraid to voice my opinion or take a stand.

For a degree program, I’m looking at Neuroscience or Psychology because I’m very interested in the brain and behavior. But I’d like to take different classes to explore subjects that I may not have had access to in high school. Maybe I’ll discover something new that I love!”

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My name is Irnes Babajic. I am now a senior at North Cobb High School. I can’t believe that my high school years have just passed right by. But, I can say that I have accomplished a lot throughout the past several years.


My freshman year I joined DDP. I remember the first meeting. I was really shy and didn’t speak much to anyone unless I was spoken to. I didn’t know anybody and this was all new to me. After a couple of the meetings, I got comfortable with the other girls. Then, over 3 years in the program, I’m the person I am today.

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