Destiny’s Daughters of Promise offers a leadership development program utilizing key components for preparation, success, intervention, exploration, and awareness for middle and high school girls. Our program is implemented to provide additional support and assistance to our local schools.

I Am a Leader

Youth are in need of resources and strategies to help them grow and mature into successful and contributing members of society. These workshop lessons offer them opportunities to improve their decision-making and critical thinking skills. Participants take part in training sessions designed to foster leadership skills, critical thinking and decision-making techniques from the, I Am a Leader Manual. The lessons are a compilation of basic leadership and life skills teens need to prepare for a successful future. In addition, subject matter experts, educators, authors and other licensed professionals facilitate interactive and hands-on sessions that provide participants with practical skills.

Health & Fitness

Workshops are designed to promote and develop skills in fitness and healthy eating habits.

Miss Manners 101

Etiquette is an important skill for teens as they mature into adulthood and plan for their career. Bad manners and poor etiquette skills jeopardize future success.

Relationships Matter

Relationships play a key role in our lives, especially during the teen years. Unfortunately, not all relationships are healthy. As teens grow and mature into young adults, it is extremely important for them to identify and develop healthy and meaningful relationships. Participants will also learn that love and respect for oneself is the key to long-lasting relationships with others.

Financial Literacy

Participants will be provided with tools to develop financial literacy skills and competences to help them successfully manage financial opportunities.

My Helping Hands

Participants will learn about their in the community. Facilitators will encourage teens to take an active role in community enhancing activities. Teens will learn about volunteerism and become more invested in their communities through relevant service projects.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Communicating effectively is crucial to the success of teen’s future career. Mastering this skill makes it easier to interact with friends, parent, teachers and other adults. Teens will enhance their communication skills through role playing, skits, elevator speech introductions, round table discussions and other fun activities.