Girl with Promise Leadership Program

Girl with Promise (8th – 12th Grade Girls)

Girl with Promise targets high-achieving female students. Students meet on the 1st and 3rdSaturday of each month. This phenomenal program will introduce high school students to the habits, practices, skills and mentality common to extraordinary leaders. The signature program has a focus on developing leadership skills with the guiding principle that EXPOSURE EXPANDS EXPECTATIONS!

No parent wants to learn that their daughter is going to be a teen mom or high school dropout. The Girl with Promise Program is designed to prepare girls for college, careers and a life of bold success. Making an investment in our girls now is an investment in America’s future.  Through direct instruction, role playing, current event discussions, exercises, field trips, and guest speakers, teens will learn how leaders achieve great things and how they can become a more powerful leader in clubs, teams, organizations, and society. 

The program components include activities in:

  • Team Building
  • Leadership Enrichment
  • Career Exploration to include trips and outings
  • College Exploration (to include college visits)
  • STEM/STEAM Exploration
  • Cultural/Arts Enrichment
  • Job Shadowing
  • Civic Engagement

The leadership, communication, management and business skills taught during the sessions prepare students for future careers or entrepreneurship. Sessions are held in the Business Accelerator Offices located at 975 Cobb Place Boulevard in Kennesaw. The program is limited to 25 students.

Applications for the Girl with Promise Program is now available.


Criteria for Acceptance — The following criteria will be used to determine eligibility:

    • Entering or attending 8th – 12th grade in the fall (grades 8-12)
    • Teen must submit complete a 150-word Essay: “Why should DDP Girls select me into the Girls with Promise Leadership Program.”
    • Agree to a minimum of the one-year commitment to the program under Consent Section.
    • Submit a completed application form by Parent/Guardian and pay applicable fees under Payment Options will direct you to PayPal.
    • Submit a non-refundable registration fee of $25
    • Provide a copy of the previous end of year report card and formal test scores
    • Submit a letter of recommendation from any of the following: Teacher, School Counselor, Principal or school administrator
    • To get started, click on the “Enroll Now” button to complete an application and pay your registration fee
    • Agree to pay student tuition cost of $45 per month



If you are an existing or current student and would like to pay your invoice, click the below button. Please enter your child’s name and invoice number when making payment.
**Registration payments are non-refundable

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